Braces FAQ

Braces FAQFor those of you who are about to embark on this dental journey, you may have some lingering questions that you’d like to ask your orthodontist. Not to worry! Below, we are about to cover commonly asked questions about braces and all that the treatment entails.

Are Braces Painful?

Depending on the procedure that you receive the day of your orthodontic appointment, the degree of pain will vary. You may feel discomfort with a normal tightening for about a day or, should your orthodontist apply a more aggressive treatment such as rubber bands, you may feel pain for a couple of days. Remember! Aligning your teeth to be straighter is literally pushing/pulling your teeth to a different position that it is used to being, so some amount of force is needed—that being said, the results are worth it!

How Long Do I Have To Use Braces?

This depends on the person. Everyone is a unique individual with a unique smile. There are some people that only require dental braces for about a year whereas there are others who require more assistance and may take 3-4 years. Talk to your orthodontist for more information about your custom dental plan timeline.

Does My Diet Have To Change?

Yes! When wearing braces, we advise that you avoid sugary snacks and foods with a hard/crunchy or sticky texture as these characteristics may cause a bracket to fall off or a wire to snap.

Is It Possible To Floss Wearing Braces?

Absolutely! There are special types of dental floss in the market that are specifically made for people who wear braces so that they get around the wires with ease.

At What Age Can I Get Braces?

It’s not an exact age, but rather when you have all your adult teeth. Since baby teeth are eventually going to fall out, we cannot perform this dental procedure on someone who hasn’t had all their adult teeth grow and replace their baby teeth.

Why Should I Get Braces Instead Of Invisalign?

Braces are a more aggressive dental procedure that is suggested for those who either want faster results or for those whose dental status is not considered a good candidate for the Invisalign treatment. Although Invisalign is popular for its near invisible look, it is also a treatment that will take longer than normal braces and is not as forceful as it needs to be for more complex cases.

I’m An Adult—Should I Bother Getting Braces?

Age shouldn’t be a factor in the decision to get braces. Braces are not gotten for aesthetic reasons alone—they are also good for your oral health. Straightening your teeth will allow you to apply your dental hygiene more readily to those previously hard to reach places which means you’ll be less likely to have oral diseases such as gingivitis. Additionally, when your teeth are not properly aligned, people tend to use some teeth more than others while chewing. This will cause uneven wear and tear on your teeth which will cause more pain and dental procedures in the future.

How Often Should I Brush My Teeth Wearing Braces?

Typically, we recommend brushing your teeth 4 times a day. Once after breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then again right before bedtime.

Will My Teeth Be Different Colors After Braces Get Removed?

This will not happen if you avoid things that stain your teeth such as dark drinks or smoking. Also, we wouldn’t recommend at-home teeth whitening kits while you have braces—best to save that sort of treatment for after your braces are removed!

Do Braces Rust?

No! The material used to make braces are stronger materials such as titanium alloy which does not rust.

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