Summer BBQ Foods to Avoid While Eating With Braces

Summer BBQ Foods to Avoid While Eating With Braces
Posted on 08/06/2018

If you’re a patient with traditional metal braces, some foods pose a challenge. Of course, if you use Invisalign that are removable, this isn't an issue. If you anticipate yourself being unable to stay away from the challenging foods that you’re likely to encounter at a summer barbecue, you might want to talk to your Dothan, Al, orthodontist about the options available so you don't have to avoid these foods. If you are going to use traditional braces with metal brackets, though, you’ll need to make sure you avoid these problem foods.

Sticky Foods

Anything that is going to cling to your brackets and wires will be a challenge to clean, and if there’s food buildup because of sticky particles, it could even damage your braces. Those foods include the following:

  • Sticky ribs and brisket, especially when eaten off the bone

  • Sticky sweet desserts, especially anything with caramel or candies like taffy

  • Gooey desserts

Hard Foods

Some foods are just too hard to be eaten with metal braces safely. These foods can often be adapted by cooking them or otherwise altering their preparation.

  • Corn on the cob

  • Hard fruits like apples

  • Crunchy hard foods like corn chips

  • Carrots and other hard raw vegetables

Alternatives and Adaptations

It’s easy enough to take corn off the cob, and if you’re craving barbecue, you can avoid bone-in meats and those that finish stringy. Loose meat can be easier to clean, so consider a pulled pork sandwich instead of a plate of ribs. You can also cook many of the fruits and vegetables on the caution list to make them easier to eat with braces.

For alternatives to sweets, there’s one easy summer alternative: ice cream. You’ll want to be on the watchman for anything with nuts or other challenges, but smooth ice cream will give you a sweet treat. Just remember not to eat too fast, brush afterward to make sure you keep your mouth clean and enjoy!

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