Orthodontic Problems

Common Orthodontic Problems

Orthodontics can treat many different orthodontic problems that may affect your appearance and dental function. Here are a few common issues our orthodontist regularly treats with braces or Invisalign. These problems can affect both the quality of your life by limiting your ability to perform specific functions with your teeth or jaw and can also make some people feel self-conscious.


An overbite occurs when the front teeth of the upper jaw extend too far forward and overlap the lower front teeth excessively. People with overbite problems often have excessive wear to their incisors, protruding lips and a “gummy” smile.


An underbite is the opposite of an overbite. It occurs when the lower front teeth extend too far forward and sit in front of the upper front teeth when the mouth is closed.


Crossbite is characterized by upper teeth that sit inside the teeth on the lower jaw when the mouth is closed. It can cause the jaw to become misaligned and may lead to tooth stratification.


Openbite occurs when the upper and lower teeth do not overlap when the mouth is closed. It’s important to treat this condition early in order to prevent problems like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.


When the teeth are crowded, it can cause alignment issues. Crowding is one of the most common causes of crooked teeth and can usually be fixed with Invisalign® or other orthodontic treatments.

Upper Front Teeth Protrusion

Upper front teeth protrusion is characterized by upper front teeth that extend too far forward and cause the lip to jut out. Additionally, the lower teeth that don’t extend forward far enough.


When there are gaps between the teeth due to genetics or missing teeth, it can affect dental function and appearance. Ozark Invisalign® can help correct this condition.

Dental Midline Problems

If the lines between the two upper front teeth and the two bottom front teeth don’t match up, it’s usually because the back bite doesn’t fit together properly. If the problem isn’t fixed by your Dothan, AL, orthodontist, it could negatively affect jaw function and appearance.   

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