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h-braces2Here at Wiregrass Orthodontic Specialists, we believe everyone deserves to have a healthy and happy smile! That’s why we offer adult and kids braces in Enterprise, Dothan, and Ozark, AL. There’s one age group of people that we serve more frequently than others – adolescents. Even though we encourage parents to bring their kids in at a young age for the first orthodontic exam, the ideal time for orthodontic treatment is during adolescence.

Why Is Adolescence the Best Time for Treatment?

By the age of 12, most, if not all, the adult teeth have erupted and are in place. This is when our Dothan orthodontist can detect problems like crooked teeth, gaps between the teeth, and improper bites. Treating these problems during the teenage years is always best because orthodontic problems don’t just go away or correct themselves. In fact, if orthodontic problems are left untreated, they can become worse and even lead to problems like irregular wear and tear on the teeth which can be irreversible.

Children grow at a rapid pace during adolescence, allowing orthodontists to take advantage of these growth spurts to help align the teeth and bite. Because adolescents have high metabolisms, their overall treatment time is generally short, with less discomfort when compared to someone going through treatment as an adult.

Benefits of Adolescent Treatment

Undergoing orthodontic treatment during adolescence provides many benefits including:

  • Improved appearance for better self-esteem
  • Improved bite function for better digestion & nutrition
  • Shorter treatment time with less discomfort
  • No worries about what people will think as many adolescents wear braces

Our Orthodontic Treatment Options for Adolescents

Teen Wearing Braces Hanging Out

The first thing we’ll do when your teen visits us for his or her first appointment is take diagnostic records of your teen’s mouth which may include photos, X-rays, and impressions. Dr. Howell will use this information to craft a treatment plan that will meet your teenager’s needs. Then once the initial exam is over, Dr. Howell will sit down with you and your teen to discuss his findings and your teen’s potential treatment options which may include:

  • Metal braces – These are the most popular types of braces that are very effective and economical. While the metal braces used in the past were bulky and uncomfortable, today’s modern metal braces are smaller, more comfortable, and more attractive.
  • Clear braces – Clear braces are made of a translucent ceramic material to make treatment more discreet. These braces are ideal for teenagers who don’t want their treatment to be so obvious.
  • Invisalign Teen – Our Dothan Invisalign Teen treatment is popular for many great reasons! This treatment option doesn’t involve wearing any metal bands, brackets or wires at all! Instead, it uses a series of clear, removable plastic aligners to move teeth. When your teen is wearing Invisalign Teen, They can remove the aligners when eating and cleaning their teeth. They can even be taken out occasionally for special events like school or prom photos, as long as they’re put right back in when done.

How Long Does Adolescent Treatment Take?

It's hard to say precisely how long your adolescent’s treatment will take until Dr. Howell examines your teen’s teeth and bite. However, generally speaking, you can expect the treatment to take anywhere from 6 to 30 months. Once your teen is done wearing braces or Invisalign, he/she will begin the retention phase of treatment which involves wearing a retainer to prevent the teeth from shifting back into their original positions.

See Us for Invisalign Teen & Kids Braces in Enterprise, Dothan & Ozark

With three convenient office locations, we make it super easy and convenient for busy teenagers to improve their smiles! If you’d like to set up your teen’s first visit with Dr. Howell, please call our main office at (334) 792-1000 or use our handy appointment request form. We look forward to meeting you and your teenager soon!

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