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At Wiregrass Orthodontics, your family’s smiles are our top priorities! We offer a variety of treatment options for kids, teens, and adults because we know that no two smiles are alike. Dr. John Howell is a proud provider of Invisalign which is a comfortable, convenient, and most importantly, a clear alternative to braces. You can straighten your teeth with Invisalign and look good doing it!

The Clearly Unique Way to Achieve a Remarkable Smile

Invisalign's Step By Step GuideInvisalign treatment consists of a series of clear, plastic, removable aligners that shift your teeth into place according to the unique treatment plan Dr. Howell designs for you. These virtually invisible aligners don’t feature any wires or metal brackets, allowing you to have a beautiful smile even during treatment!

Depending on your treatment plan, we may give you as few as 12 aligners or as many as 48. You can take the aligners out at mealtime and when brushing & flossing your teeth. Otherwise, your aligners should always be worn, including overnight while you sleep. Once you’ve worn each set of aligners for about two weeks, you’ll replace them with the next set in the series and so on until you’ve used them all and your treatment is complete.

We also offer Invisalign Teen that’s been developed specifically to meet the special needs of teenagers. Invisalign Teen works the same way as regular Invisalign, but the aligners have a couple of extra features. Firstly, the aligners have “eruption tabs” built right in that hold space available for any adult teeth that haven’t yet come in. Secondly, Invisalign Teen aligners have tiny blue dots on them that fade as the aligners are worn. These are there to tell the wearer when it’s time to change aligners.

Why Choose Invisalign?

Below are a few of the benefits you can enjoy as an Invisalign patient:

  • Comfort: The smooth plastic aligners are comfortable to wear and cannot poke and irritate the inside of your mouth like traditional braces often do.
  • Self-confidence: Knowing that most people won’t even see the aligners on your teeth, you can breeze through your treatment without ever worrying about how you look.
  • No food restrictions: Because you take the aligners out when eating, you can continue enjoying all your favorite foods and snacks.
  • Easy to clean your teeth: When it’s time to brush and floss, you simply take the aligner out and clean your teeth with no worries about oral hygiene.
  • Fewer visits to your Dothan orthodontist: Invisalign aligners never need adjusting like braces do which means you’ll enjoy having to make fewer appointments with us.

Contact Us Today for Invisalign in Ozark, Enterprise & Dothan

If you’re ready to schedule an Invisalign consultation with Dr. Howell to see if Invisalign is right for you, please request an appointment today. With three office locations in Dothan, Enterprise, and Ozark, it couldn’t be any more convenient to achieve the straight and beautiful smile you deserve! We love meeting new patients and are eager to welcome you to Wiregrass Orthodontics, where we’ll make you feel right at home!

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