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Straightening Your Teeth is the Latest Pandemic Project


During the COVID-19 pandemic we have had a lot of time to reflect on our lives and imagine who we want to be when this is all over. So much time away from friends, family, and coworkers means that when we all see each other again, we might look very different! Many people are using this time to work on themselves, both spiritually and physically. Why not take this time to achieve a brilliant new smile, which will lend confidence and beauty to your future endeavors? At Wiregrass Orthodontic Specialists, we help patients in and around Dothan, Ozark, and Enterprise, AL transform and perfect their look with expert orthodontic treatment. 


Plenty of Downtime and Privacy

With all this extra time at home, an orthodontic routine will be far less intrusive in your day to day life. For instance, cleaning braces after meals is easy, no need to bring your WaterPik to the office, instead you can take as much time and care as you need in the comfort of your own home. Plus, if you're nervous about appearing in public with braces disrupting your smile, then now is the perfect time since you can keep them discrete behind your protective mask. No one will even be able to tell you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. 


Build Better Habits

Orthodontic transformation and other pandemic goals go hand in hand, especially in the case of habit formation. With more control over your schedule working from home, you can spend more time locking in good habits, whether that means eating healthier, perfecting your dental routine, or remembering to wear each of your Invisalign retainers for the required amount of time, to achieve the best results. 


Consult with Your Orthodontist

There are not too many places we can visit during the pandemic, but your orthodontists and dentists offices have implemented extensive safety procedures to make sure that their patients can receive treatment without worry. That way you can begin and complete your treatment with the necessary in-person guidance. If you are ready to revolutionize your smile during quarantine, contact one of our offices in Dothan, Ozark, or Enterprise, AL or fill out the form to request an appointment. We can't wait to join you on your orthodontic journey!

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