Benefits Of Starting Orthodontic Treatment Early

June 17th, 2021

Here’s how children can benefit from starting orthodontic treatment early

One big question parents are always asking about is when their children should start orthodontic treatment, and at what age. At Wiregrass Orthodontics, we offer the most comprehensive care to all ages. As a family-friendly office, we work with families that are seeking treatment for their children, even if it means starting young. As a parent, you may be wondering why it’s important to start orthodontic treatment for your child at a young age, and why it’s necessary. At Wiregrass, we have listed all the benefits of early orthodontic treatment.

  • Not just for aesthetics: We want to ensure that children’s jaws and teeth are developing correctly so that their jaws can function correctly for biting, chewing, and speaking. If their jaw isn’t functioning properly, this can lead to problems, such as:
      • Speech problems
      • Harder for brushing & flossing
      • Increased headaches
      • TMJ disorders
      • Increase in cavities and periodontal disease
      • Difficulty breathing

    These are just some of the things that could arise if you delay orthodontic treatment. By starting treatment early, we can minimize issues for the future.

  • Prevent complications: The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child visit the orthodontist as early as seven. One of the reasons why they recommend this is to prevent complications from developing in the future. At Wiregrass, our orthodontist will be looking for crowding of teeth, open bites, crossbites, and overbites in your children. For children specifically, we offer a two-phase treatment plan so our orthodontist can track their progress as their teeth and jaws are growing.
  • Attack problems that are invisible: While your child’s teeth may look perfectly straight, there still could be problems that are invisible to the eye. A baby tooth could still be intact when your child’s permanent teeth are still growing. Adult teeth can develop and grow in front, behind, and around the baby teeth. This will make the teeth more crowded and crooked. This is when orthodontic treatment becomes even more necessary to start.
  • Your child will be more confident: Children can become very self-conscious of their smiles and looks. Unfortunately, as we grow into adolescents, there is more pressure to look perfect. Psychologically, one benefit of early orthodontic treatment is so that children can feel more confident and proud about their smiles. Visions of children being teased by their peers can be a daunting picture for children and parents to imagine. Peer pressure has now become one of the biggest factors of families seeking orthodontic treatment.

At Wiregrass Orthodontics, we strive to give high-quality care to all of our patients. We want all families to be educated about everything related to braces and orthodontics. If you're a parent that has questions about starting orthodontic treatment for your child, please feel free to contact us today! We are thrilled to be working with you and your family!

Make Straighter Teeth a Pandemic Project | Wiregrass Orthodontics

April 6th, 2021

Straightening Your Teeth is the Latest Pandemic Project


During the COVID-19 pandemic we have had a lot of time to reflect on our lives and imagine who we want to be when this is all over. So much time away from friends, family, and coworkers means that when we all see each other again, we might look very different! Many people are using this time to work on themselves, both spiritually and physically. Why not take this time to achieve a brilliant new smile, which will lend confidence and beauty to your future endeavors? At Wiregrass Orthodontic Specialists, we help patients in and around Dothan, Ozark, and Enterprise, AL transform and perfect their look with expert orthodontic treatment. 


Plenty of Downtime and Privacy

With all this extra time at home, an orthodontic routine will be far less intrusive in your day to day life. For instance, cleaning braces after meals is easy, no need to bring your WaterPik to the office, instead you can take as much time and care as you need in the comfort of your own home. Plus, if you're nervous about appearing in public with braces disrupting your smile, then now is the perfect time since you can keep them discrete behind your protective mask. No one will even be able to tell you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. 


Build Better Habits

Orthodontic transformation and other pandemic goals go hand in hand, especially in the case of habit formation. With more control over your schedule working from home, you can spend more time locking in good habits, whether that means eating healthier, perfecting your dental routine, or remembering to wear each of your Invisalign retainers for the required amount of time, to achieve the best results. 


Consult with Your Orthodontist

There are not too many places we can visit during the pandemic, but your orthodontists and dentists offices have implemented extensive safety procedures to make sure that their patients can receive treatment without worry. That way you can begin and complete your treatment with the necessary in-person guidance. If you are ready to revolutionize your smile during quarantine, contact one of our offices in Dothan, Ozark, or Enterprise, AL or fill out the form to request an appointment. We can't wait to join you on your orthodontic journey!

Why Spring Is The Best Time For Braces

February 19th, 2021

Why Spring Is The Best Time For Braces


It’s easy to put off straightening your teeth, kicking the ball down the road until you don’t have the time or motivation to get to your local orthodontist and get braces. Here at Wiregrass Orthodontics, we know that it can be difficult to commit to getting braces, but we are also very familiar with all of the wonderful benefits of cleaning up your smile. With March just around the corner, we thought we would put together a list of why spring is the best time for braces, so you can start thinking about how you want your smile to look when summer comes around!

Your Last Chance Before Summer


You know how everyone starts to get ready for bikini weather come March? It's like that but with braces. We all want to look our best during the summer socializing and fun in the sun—especially when it comes to our teeth. Before we know it summer will be here, so don’t delay and come down to Wiregrass Orthodontics to get braces this spring!


Take Advantage Of A Fresh Start


It's the new year, people are setting resolutions, cleaning out their houses, and soon the flowers will be in bloom—what better time is there to start with a clean slate. Braces are a safe, easy, and cost effective way to get a fresh start with your teeth, so can participate in the spring cleaning and straighten up your teeth!

More Than Meets The Eye


While many people get braces in order to feel more confident in their smile and to improve their appearance, there are more than just cosmetic benefits to braces. Straightening your teeth not only cleans up your smile, but it helps you clean your mouth as well! Crooked and misaligned teeth create creavasses where bacteria and food debris are hard to remove. These pockets of plaque can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and many other uncomfortable oral complications. The best time to get braces is always now, so you can avoid developing painful and expensive dental conditions. 


Visit Your Local Dothan, AL Orthodontist

Whether or not you think you need braces, the best way to find out is to visit your local orthodontist. Wiregrass Orthodontic Specialists has offices conveniently located in Dothan, Ozark, and Enterprise, Alabama, so you can find an office near you to talk to one of our orthodontic specialists about getting braces. Contact Wiregrass Orthodontics today to learn more about the benefits of braces or to schedule an appointment!

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